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For some families, domestic violence is a secret they want to keep because of its implications for their family.

Domestic Violence Attorney St. Louis

It is tough to fight against those committing such an act, especially if they are a part of the family. However, if the abuse is becoming too much or children are getting hurt, it is important that you fight against it through legal means.

Our Edwardsville domestic violence attorneys at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law are dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence take the right legal action to stop the violence you and your family members are experiencing. We will be very discreet in dealing with your issue and identifying the right course of action to stop abuse immediately.

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Defining Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and abuse have a very extensive definition that covers more than just child abuse or spousal abuse.

couple dealing with domestic abuse

Domestic violence happens if a person commits a battery or any type of assault against a partner — either current or former — or any member of the household. This means that you don’t have to live in the same house or be in a relationship with the other party for domestic violence to be considered in your case.

Domestic violence also does not only constitute physical assault. It can also include emotional, verbal, and psychological abuse. Stalking, threatening, controlling behavior, and provoking fear can also be grounds to file domestic violence charges against someone.

If someone in your life is threatening you with violence and trying to control you or the people in your home, call our Edwardsville, IL family law firm immediately. Our domestic violence attorneys will immediately launch legal action to protect you from them.

Legal Protection From Violence

Our Edwardsville domestic violence attorneys are committed to keeping your family safe and providing you with the legal assistance necessary to get the divorce proceedings and protection order arrangements started to get you are separated from your abusive family member.

child upset by fighting

Victim Protective Orders (VPO) are granted to victims to prevent abusers from coming close to them. Abusers will also face other legal consequences such as hefty fines and jail time. The courts will determine the fine and jail time based on the frequency and severity of the crime, as well as the abuser’s history.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law will work to make sure that these abusers will not have another chance to hurt you and your loved ones, allowing you to move on with life and not have to fear anything.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Edwardsville Domestic Violence Attorney Davis LogoAt Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, you don’t have to worry about understanding the legal intricacies of domestic violence on your own because we are here to guide you through each step. We will assist you in filing the necessary documents to file protective orders and, if needed, divorce, and we will fight to ensure that those who hurt you or your family members are punished under the law. Our Edwardsville domestic violence attorneys are always ready to protect you and your family.

Call Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law at (618) 323-3831 for your Free Consultation with a Edwardsville Domestic Violence Attorney!