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Family law is very complex, and it can be very stressful if you find yourself facing legal issues with the people you are closest to. From divorce, child support and custody, alimony, and spousal support to domestic violence cases, you will need an experienced and compassionate family law attorney who can guide you through your case and represent your interests.

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Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is a Livingston, IL family law firm ready to provide you with complete legal support during this troubling part of your life. We know and understand that family means a lot to you, and maintaining healthy relationships with your family members is important. However, if you you are stuck in a relationship that is no longer working, or if you wish to be a part of your child’s life after a divorce, you need legal help.

As your dedicated Livingston family lawyer, we aim to provide you with legal support and guidance, as well as a team that will aggressively fight for your rights and protection. We have the experience, legal background, and skill to fight for the best possible result for your case.

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Experienced Family Attorneys

Our dedicated, compassionate, and experienced Livingston family lawyers at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can help anyone with their family law case and offer guidance as the proceedings take place. It is our goal to help each client get the most favorable resolution for their case.

Here are some of the family law issues that we can help you with:

Livingston Family Lawyer divorce attorney segment 300x199Divorce Attorney: Divorce is not an easy process to undertake, and it is crucial that you have a divorce attorney who can guide you and defend your interests throughout the proceedings. Our divorce attorneys handle every aspect of the divorce process: from determining the assets you wish to keep to sorting out child custody and support. We are committed to developing an easy-to-understand roadmap and plans you can take after the divorce.

Property & Asset Division: During the divorce proceedings, you will discuss the assets that have been accumulated over time that must be distributed between parties. Some of these assets may be valuable to you, while the others are more important to your spouse. There are also assets that can be used as bargaining chips to get more properties from the negotiations. We can help identify all the assets that are shared, subject to division, and must be protected. Our team will sit down with you to create a strategy to retain the assets that you value the most.

Livingston Family Lawyer child custody segment 300x199Child Custody Lawyer: One of the most emotionally-charged issues in divorce is child custody. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law’s compassionate child custody lawyers can assist with initial custody plans, enforcement, and modification to protect your child’s rights and your relationship with them. We can also assist in creating time-sharing and parenting plans that will meet both party’s needs, as well as give you the support to make sure the plan is followed and enforced. We will do our best to show the courts that you have your child’s best interests at heart and wish to be an integral part of their lives despite the divorce proceedings.

Livingston Family Lawyer child support attorney segment 300x199Child Support Attorney: Parents are responsible for their child’s needs, both personal and financial. After a divorce, it is important that the non-custodial parent sends their child support payments regularly and on time to keep their child’s quality of life good and secure regardless of who has custody. We can handle initial support orders, modifications if there is a change in circumstances, and support enforcement in case the other party is unable to fulfill their responsibilities.

Spousal Support: One condition that the courts may consider during divorce cases is the financial income of both parties and if there is a necessity for either party to provide spousal support. Spousal support can either be permanent or temporary, depending on the financial condition of both parties. We will discuss with you how spousal support works and whether it applies to your case.

Livingston Family Lawyer fathers rights segment 300x199Father’s Rights Lawyer: Single and divorced fathers sometimes find it hard to develop a strong relationship with their children because they are not in a relationship with the mother of their child.

If you want to become responsible for your children and request legal rights to be involved with their lives, our family law attorneys can look into the case to establish your paternity and fight for your rights to be with your children.

Domestic Violence Attorney St. LouisDomestic Violence: Protection doesn’t just involve protecting everyone in the family. You also have to make sure everyone is protected from other family members. There will be cases where tempers can flare and result in violent confrontations that will cause you or your family members to feel unsafe.

If you or your loved ones are no longer safe from other people in your household, we can assist you. We will request protective orders to keep you safe, as well as proceed to the next legal action you can take, such as child custody and divorce.

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If you are looking for a Livingston family lawyer you can trust to handle your case with discretion and care, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is here to help.

We will give you the legal support and representation you are looking for to achieve the outcome you are hoping for in your family law case. Whether you need an aggressive divorce lawyer or a parent’s rights lawyer, our family lawyers are here to help any time.

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